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Camouflage By Jay Sankey




Jay Sankey
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £24.99 (approx)

Camouflage by Jay Sankey is gimmick which enables you to create penetrations, vanishes, appearance and even restorations/fusions using a pack of playing cards.

Three basic ideas using the material supplied are shown. The first idea – Collapsible –  is where you show a deck of cards, in their box, which has been chopped in half. You put both halves together and the pack fuses back together and it is tipped out from the box. This pack can then be used for other card effects. To me, this is probably the best use of Camouflage. It is a great opening effect that is easy make up and just as easy to do. You do need to watch your angles a little but this is a great way to introduce a deck of cards.

The second idea – 51Gone – enables you to show a full deck of cards inside a box. You are then able to reach in and pick out a spectator’s selected card, and to finish, the rest of the deck vanishes. I quite liked this idea but I think this method is be better used to introduce another item, such as a jumbo coin or a length of rope. A simple deck switch to ring in the gimmicked box would let you show the box full of cards one second and then instantly you tip out the coin or rope. Any item that will fit inside a card box could be produced with ease.

The final idea – Aperture – is a penetration of a deck of cards with a pencil. Although this did look good on camera I doubt this would be very practical in the real world. The angles are too much of an issue for my liking with this one.

Jay briefly touches upon the idea of creating a deck shell with the material which could be levitated with invisible thread or loops, but again I’m not convinced this would be very practical.

Along with the DVD you are supplied with two sheets of the gimmicked material. This is enough material to make quite a few gimmicks so it should last you quite a while. The idea of Camouflage is good, but for the price I would have liked quite a few more solid routines on the DVD. The explanations came across more like ideas that Jay had thought rather than things he actually uses. There are no live performances of any of these ideas, just studio footage, so you don’t get to see how they play in the real world.

I think Camouflage has a lot of potential and given some thought could be used to create some great magic effects. At the minute though it is quite pricey for just a few ideas.