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Access By Rizki Nanda





Rizki Nanda
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £20.00 (approx)

Rizki Nanda is well know for creating cleverly made gimmicks. Access is his latest creation to hit the shelves.

A pack of chewing gum is introduced. A spectator is handed a Sharpie marker and asked to write a number, name, or even draw something on a piece of the gum. The pack is closed to keep whatever they wrote private, and the pack is handed back to the magician. You are instantly able to reveal what they wrote on the gum in whatever manner suits you.

First off, the idea behind this is actually very clever, however the main problem I have is, why would you ask someone to write something on a piece of gum? It just doesn’t seem like a natural thing to do. Surely a business card or notepad is more natural? It just seems a bit odd to me!

Secondly the type of packet of gum that is needed is not found very often here in the UK. They may be standard in the US but in the UK, gum is sold in small packets so it is difficult to get hold of the necessary props. You would have to go to a cash and cash, such as Costco, to pick up the correct style packs. As well as needing the correct style gum packet you need a few other bits.Thankfully you are supplied with these.

There seems to be a lot of magic products on the market these days where you have to build the gimmicks yourself and Access is no exception. The construction of the gimmick is shown in three parts on the DVD. There are only English subtitles (no speaking) and these were littered with spelling and grammatical errors. At one point in the explanation there was a bit where a hole was needed to be cut in the back of the gum packet. This seemed to go on forever and a real hash job was made of it. It took several attempts to get the hole the correct size. I cannot help but think it would have been better to refilm this section.

As well as the gimmick construction on the DVD there is the main trailer for Access. No full live performances are shown.

Once you have finally made your gimmick, it does work reasonably well and the peek is easy to get. You do have to be careful that spectators aren’t behind you so you do have to watch your angles.

When you get the peek, it is upside down so if you are asking a spectator to write a number down, it’s probably worth drawing a line on the gum where you want them  to write. This will help with the orientation of the peek as you glance at it (81 could easily be mistaken as 18, etc…).

I can’t see anyone who performs at weddings or corporate events using this, but maybe if you are into street magic then this would suit your style and you would get some use out of it.