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Perfect Score By Jon Allen



Perfect Score

Jon Allen
Available from www.thesilenttreatment.co.uk/shop/index.html
Price: £10.00 +p&p

The Mercury Card Fold is one of those moves that is very difficult to get right all of the time no matter how much time you spend learning how to do it. Well not any more. Jon Allen’s Perfect Score is a precision made perspex template and scoring device that allows you to score a playing card  either into quarters, or into sixths.

It has been made to take a poker sized playing card which simply fits into the template. A selection of pieces of perspex have been supplied and, depending on which pieces you use and where, it will allow you to score a straight line on the card.

Once scored the card will easily fold exactly on the score lines making the fold very consistent and easy to do.

Cards can be scored in a matter of seconds and it takes no time at all to learn how to use it. You could easily score a whole deck of cards in around 5-10 minutes should you wish to.

A small A5 booklet is supplied showing how to use the different parts of the perspex template. Also included in the booklet are various uses for a folded card along with Jon’s Add-a-Number routine.

Jon sold out of his first batch almost straight away. If you are attending the Blackpool Magic Convention pop along to his stand where he will have some more available.

Not only is this a brilliant piece of kit, it’s only a tenner too, so it’s a real bargain. Get one while you can!