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Lynx Wallet By Lynx Magic

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Lynx Wallet

Lynx Magic
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £72.00 (approx)

Inspired by Marc Oberon’s brilliant effect ‘Bang On’, Lynx Wallet is Lynx Magic’s latest release which makes it possible to remove any thought of card from your wallet.

The wallet that you are supplied with is not a new idea and, in fact if you are into your wallets then, you may already own one.  It is well made but is slightly on the large size, as seems to be the trend with magic wallets these days. There are four slots for business cards on one side and a zippered compartment on the opposite side. Personally if you were to use this as your every day wallet, as mentioned in the product’s ad copy, it would have been better to have more card slots as opposed the the zippered section.

The effect plays similar to Kenton Knepper’s brilliant Kollosal Killer. If you are not familiar with Kollossal Killer (KK) then check it out. It’s still one of the best, and original, versions of this type of effect on the market. If you are familiar with KK then you will know how this works. The main difference with Lynx Wallet is that any card can be named and removed from the wallet, there is no ‘Off By One’

The downside to being able to produce any card, is that the cards supplied are incredibly thin. They are not cut out that well either. Some of the cards supplied in my package were a little rough around the edges. Another issue with the thinness of the cards is that in certain lighting conditions you can actually see through the card. This would not be good in performance as it would tip the method.

As with other Lynx Magic releases, you are supplied with a URL and password to access the video performances/explanations. These are clear and detailed. Broken down into sections, it is easy to select the section you need.

It takes about 15 minutes to set the wallet up, but it’s a one time set up. The wallet bulks up even more once all the cards are inserted into it. To reset, all you have to do is to replace the card taken out back in the correct place.

I set up my wallet in my office, which is a little gloomy. I did find it difficult to see what I was doing inside the wallet so had to move to a brighter position. This may be an issue if performing in a darker environment, or if you have vision issues as it could be difficult to retrieve the correct card.

A small amount of memory work is needed, and obviously with any effect of this nature there is always a risk of taking out the wrong card. I’m sure with enough practice it would become second nature. Personally, I already perform similar versions of this effect (Kollosal Killer, and John Archer’s fantastic Komedy Killer) and I’m not sure whether I like this enough to switch to it.

Whether you use this as a stand-alone effect or as an ‘Out’ for another trick, Lynx Wallet delivers well.