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Coil By Jay Sankey

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Jay Sankey
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £25.99 (approx)

Coil is Jay Sankey’s latest offering to the magic world and is essentially a bending nail effect.

You show and hand out a perfectly straight and regular steel nail for examination. This nail can then be shown in a manner of different ways to either bend or form into a perfect circular shape which can then be handed out to be examined.

You are supplied with a regular nail, a gimmicked straight nail along with two other bent nails for the transformation(s). The changes happen either using basic sleight of hand or but using a pull. Jay explains how he hooks up the pull for performance on the DVD, but as the elastic supplied for the pull is only approximately 12 inches in length you really need to buy a longer length to make it work how he teaches it. Elastic is so cheap that more could have been supplied for very little extra production cost. In fact the elastic supplied is so short it is of little use really. You also have to attach the elastic to one of the nails using tape. A simple hole drilled through the end of the nail would have made this much easier to attach and more secure in my eyes.

The nails supplied are good quality and will last a long time with care. Coil is not the cheapest of effects so you would expect a decent quality.

The instructional DVD runs to approximately 45 minutes in total. Jay runs through a whole section explaining how to perform the various effects using the pull, and then concludes with a shorter section on sleight of hand versions. I felt there was a bit of padding in the explanations and some of the ideas a little under-rehearsed.

I do like the basic effect but it really needs a good routine/premise devising to make the effect interesting otherwise it could end up just being a ‘Look, here’s a nail, now it’s bent’ effect that’s over in seconds.

I wouldn’t say this was really an opening, or closing type trick really as it’s only a quickie, but as a quick item in the middle of your close-up set it’s quite nice.