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Incarnation by Marc Oberon



Marc Oberon
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £65.00

Released at the Blackpool Magic Convention, earlier in the year, Incarnation is a very clever notepad which houses an index system capable of holding a full deck of cards. Any card can be freely named and retrieved from the index secretly.

Each card in the index has multiple outs so you will also need to become familiar with the correct way you unfold the card. If this all sounds a little too complex then let me assure you that after just a small amount of practice I was able to get to grips with the system. It’s actually not that difficult.

Also supplied with the notepad is an equally clever gimmicked bull dog clip. This clip can make a card visually appear in the clip, and can also be used to switch a palmed folded card from the index system. Personally I’m not too keen on how it looks when it makes a card appear visually in the clip but as a switching device it is very good, and could easily be used in other mentalism effects as a switching device.

When you buy Incarnation it also comes with a selection of other postcard sized cards which can be used in the various effects taught on the instructional DVD. One has signs of the zodiac on it, and one has a simple, but devious, method of devising which card a spectator is merely thing of. Combine these cards (and the several others supplied) with the notepad and the bulldog clip and you are looking at a very good magic product that has lots of potential way beyond the four effects described in the trick’s marketing blurb.

Marc has created a brilliant system that, given the time it deserves to learn it properly, has much to offer anyone interested in mentalism.
This is a great product that I highly recommend!