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Merge by Paul Romhany

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Paul Romhany
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £40 (approx)

The linking finger ring trick has been considered one of the classics in stage magic. Paul Romhany’s fascination with the effect has led him to create ‘Merge’, a version designed purely for close-up.

If you are not familiar with the linking finger ring effect, basically three rings are magically linked together and the unlinked where they are then handed back to the spectators for examination.

In the stage version, three rings are borrowed, one of which is either switched for a gimmicked ring, or is one of the three handed to you by a confederate. Merge uses just two borrowed rings, the third being your own ring.

You are supplied with two wedding band style rings, one gimmicked, one regular which can be examined. They are dark grey in colour and look like a standard himber ring in design. They are not the nicest looking ring but I doubt anyone would comment on their appearance as it’s your ring.

The gimmicked ring will need working in as it is very stiff when new. I found the easiest way to loosen the gimmick was to bend the ring slightly. This way I could get the tension just right for me. I did find the ring to be fairly small in diameter. I do not have large hands but the ring would only fit on my little (pinky) finger. Paul suggests having the ring on a length of rope for use in a ring and rope routine should the ring not fit your fingers.

Also supplied with the rings is a nicely produced 46 page booklet which runs through the history of the effect along with various handlings of the effect. You are also supplied with a URL and password where Paul Romhany runs through everything needed to know. There are a couple of video performances of the effect but the settings aren’t that great and the sound was hard to hear due to background noise.

The routine itself is not difficult to do or learn but the unlinking of the rings will take a little practise. Two versions are taught depending on the size of rings you borrow from your spectators. The linking of the rings is actually very simple, just basic sleight of hand is needed.

I really do like this effect and it’s something that I will use. If you love the effect or want to add on an extra phase to your current ring and rope routine then I recommend picking this up, it is perfect for close-up settings.