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The Vault by David Penn


The Vault

David Penn
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £34.99

Nest of Box routines have been a long time favourite of mine. I have lots of different versions that I have collected over the years so I’ve been looking forward to testing out The Vault by David Penn.

For those of you not familiar with the plot have a quick look at the video above. As you will see this is a very strong magic effect.

The props supplied are well made and the gimmicks work perfectly and everything needed to know is taught on the supplied DVD by Wayne Fox and David Penn along with a live performance section by Wayne.

There is also a section on the DVD teaching the vanishing of the coin using the old Coin Fold method. This is Wayne’s preferred method of vanishing the coin and uses flash paper which creates a magic moment for the appearance of the box on your keys. There is a really nice method of showing the coin is still inside the paper too using a glass. Sneaky but very clever!

The boxes have been produced to fit together snuggly and take a bit of time to open up making the effect seem even more impossible.

The routining of the effect works in a similar psychological way to the card under glass routine. If you are familiar with Wayne Fox’s ‘Safe Keeping’ effect then The Vault works along the same lines, however the gimmicks are very different. Safe Keeping will only hold a note, of small billet where as The Vault is designed to hold a coin or ring. The gimmick works extremely well so there is no chance of fumbling when the ‘dirty work’ is taking place.

The boxes will need to be reset after each performance before you can repeat the effect but this will on take you 30 seconds in private.

If you are a fan of coin/ring to impossible location(s) effect, or already perform a nest boxes routine then this is one to have a look at. Highly recommended!