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Screen Test by Steve Dimmer

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Screen Test

Steve Dimmer
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £30.00 (approx)

One of my favourite mentalism effects is Hollywood or Bust which is taught on Alakazam’s Stealth Assassin Wallet DVD. Films and mentalism just seem to go together so well and Screen Test by Steve Dimmer is no exception.

A set of film postcards featuring classic, well-known, films are handed to a spectator to shuffle as much as they wish to do so. They are asked to select one of the films. This can be either a favourite film, or just one they like the look of from the cards. On the reverse of all the postcards is a list of all the films in the postcard set. The spectator reads them out, in any order they want, and the magician instantly knows which postcard they have chosen and the film can be revealed in whatever manner desired. The effect can immediately be repeated if necessary.

The effect really is as clean as that. There are no peeks whatsoever. A small amount of memory work is need, although not essential as an additional postcard is supplied as a crib should you need to use it. They films are all well known so it is not much work to remember them all once you have been playing around with it for a while. Once you are familiar with the method then, as Steve Dimmer mentions on the online video instructions, other variations of the effect could be created using different subjects there than films.

The postcards are really nicely produced and are a size that will fit inside your jacket pockets making it ideal for tablehopping. The cards aren’t laminated so care is need should you be working on tables where liquid/drinks are in play. If looked after then the cards will last a long time.

As well as the basic routine a second phase is taught by Alakazam’s main man, Peter Nardi. This phase reveals the chosen film by a spectator by calling a phone number which has been on display from the start. When your phone rings the ringtone is the theme tune from they film the selected.

The method is very clever and I doubt anyone would work it out. I wouldn’t repeat the effect too many times as this could tip the method but if you use the second ringtone phase then there would be know reason to repeat it anyway.

Owners of Scott Creasey’s brilliant BIP Book 2.0 can combine Screen Test with BIP Book to add on even more reveals to the presentation. If you own BIP Book then you can probably already guess how it could be used.

I really do like this and it is an effect I will definitely use. This is one of my favourite mentalism releases of 2015 to date. Highly recommended.