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Gambler versus Gambler by Peter Woerde

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Gambler Versus Gambler

Peter Woerde
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £15.00 (approx)

Imagine being able to cut, one by one, to 4 Kings, instantly change them into the 4 Aces and then transform them once again into a Royal Flush in Spades. Well that’s what Gambler vs Gambler delivers.

The routine is actually quite simple to do although two standard card moves are needed for each of the changes/displays. If you are familiar with card magic then you will probably already be able to perform these moves so will have no problems performing this routine. For those out there just starting in card magic then both moves are taught on the accompanying DVD hosted by Vanishing Inc’s Joshua Jay.

The DVD instructions are not very long but everything needed to know is taught by Josh. There’s a performance section followed by a look at the cards supplied and then it’s on to a run through of the routine.

You are supplied with the necessary gimmicked cards with can be added into any regular Bicycle deck. What I like about this routine is that the cards can simply be added to a regular deck of cards at any time, and as long as you are using a deck produced by the USPCC then they will match. There’s no need to worry about matching the back design.

A bit of spectator management is needed at the end of the routine as the cards cannot be examined. The last thing you want is an eager spectator grabbing for your cards. There is a small set up after each performance but this will take on a matter of seconds once you get the hang of it.

As with all good packet tricks you get a lot of magic from just a few cards and Gambler vs Gambler delivers in bucketfuls. And at just £15 you can’t go wrong!!