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The Matrix Pad by Richard Griffin

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The Matrix Pad

Richard Griffin
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £23.00 (approx)

Inspired by Al Schneider’s Coin Matrix and Cardiographic by Martin Lewis, The Matrix Pad offers an in-the-hands effect using a pad of Post It notes.

You show a blank Post It pad and one by one draw on 4 black spots with a Sharpie. Covering one of the spots with a finger you are able to visually move the spot down to join one of the other spots in the bottom corner. This is repeated two more times…the Post It can then be peeled from the pad and handed for examination.

The routine itself is very easy to do and won’t take much time to get down. The final move is a bit awkward and solid misdirection is needed to pull this off without getting rumbled.

This is one of those effects that looks great when you see it on the video trailer and if the gimmicks supplied were a little more powerful then it could be a really good effect. If you are familiar with Jay Sankey’s Moving Violation then this works along similar lines.

The problem I have is that I would be too worried about losing the gimmicks when out performing it. Due to the strength of the gimmicks supplied it would be very easy for some bits to fall off. While practising the routine I found myself constantly picking up bits and reattaching them. This is something that cannot happen when out at a gig. All it takes is for the top sheet of the pad to lift slightly and you’re in trouble.

You also need to consider how the pad is transported in order to not lose bits too. Some ideas are offered by Richard on the DVD.

You will need to reset the effect after each performance. This will only take a minute to do so but it’s something you really need to do in private…another thing to consider if you intend you use this Tablehopping.

The principle behind the pad is good and I like the idea of using the Post It notes as everyone knows what they are. Although you can peel off the sheet and leave it as a souvenir I can’t help feeling that the whole effect would work much better is it was your business card that had the 4 dots on at the end. That would make some that was worth keeping and get your contact details out too.

I do like the effect but just wish the gimmicks worked a little better than they currently do. Would I risk using out at a gig….I’m not sure?!