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Out Of Sight – Out Of Your Mind By Gary Jones

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Out Of Sight – Out Of Your Mind

Gary Jones (in Association with Top Secret Magic)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £23.00 (approx)

Gary Jones has a habit of creating magic effects that are commercial and easy to do. Let’s see how Out Of Sight – Out Of Your Mind matches up to his previous releases…

Two cards are merely thought of from a deck of cards by two spectators. You are able to deal through the cards and stop exactly on both spectator’s thought of cards.

This one is so easy to do it’s a joke. If you can count to 10 then you can do this trick it really is that simple. OK, there are a few other things to consider when performing but if you are looking for something you can watch and perform almost straight away then this is it. There’s the tiniest amount of memory work (if you can even call it that) and you do have to remember to deal the cards from the spectator’s hands in to your own otherwise you will end up with a completely different trick 🙂

You are supplied with a Bicycle deck of cards that does all the hard work for you. If pocket space is an issue then you do have to bare in mind that you will be carrying a deck just for this effect. Personally I think it is strong enough to warrant it.

The deck cannot be examined and if you follow Gary’s handling then the spectator is left holding the cards. This is where a bit of experience and confidence comes into play. If performed properly there is no reason to fear that the spectator will look through the cards. If this does scare you then the cards could be placed on to a table instead of the spectator’s hand.

A ‘one spectator’ version is also run through on the accompanying DVD. Due to the method of the effect I think the effect does play better to two spectators but should needs be it is still a strong effect performed to just one.

There is a small reset will take a matter of seconds then you are good to go with another performance of the effect.

Influenced by both Dai Vernon and Al Koran effects Gary has created a great, easy to do effect that is a real fooler. If you like cards and mentalism effects then you need to get this!