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Along For The Ride by Peter Nardi

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Along For The Ride

Peter Nardi
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £14.99 (approx)

Magician’s either love or hate packet tricks. Personally, I love them. A good packet trick is packed with magic and only uses a few cards making it even more unbelievable to the spectators. Along For The Ride delivers in bucketfuls.

Here’s how the effect plays: 4 Jokers are cleanly displayed by the magician. Two are placed face down on the table (or in a spectator’s hands). The other two are again cleanly shown. The magician explains that his jokers are going to travel to join the cards on the table (or in their hands). The magician opens his hands to show his two cards are still there. However when his cards are turned face up, the jokers are seen to have vanished but the words Jokers and surrounding details are still there. The spectators turns their cards over to see that their cards now have two jokers on each card.

The cards supplied are not printed by the USPCC but have been printed on top of USPCC cards. They look great but because the ink is not sealed, as with a regular USPCC deck, care is needed so the image does not come off. This should not be a problem if handled correctly.

Online instructions are available either on Murphy’s Magic or via Alakazam’s website. They only run to approximately 11 minutes but to be honest that is all that is needed.

The method is similar to other packet tricks on the market and Peter was inspired by Gary Freed’s excellent NFW. If you are familiar with this effect then you will know what I mean.

Peter has a nice idea of having the cards set up in a plastic card wallet with the words ‘Spare Jokers’ on it. This can be used in your patter saying that “most people who play cards don’t know what to do with the Jokers in a deck”, etc… Peter also uses this effect a follow on to his ‘Runaway Joker effect that he release a few years back.

This is a quick, easy to do effect, that takes virtually no sleight of hand. There’s only one slight variation of a well know sleight but it’s super easy to do. If you are familiar with handling playing cards then you will be able to do this almost straight away.

There is only one ‘dirty’ card at the end of the routine which cannot be examined all the other three cards are fully examinable. If performed correctly (as with all magic) then there is no reason for the spectators to want to examine the cards anyway.

So, if you love packet tricks as much as I do, and you like the look of the above trailer, then this is certainly worth buying. Recommended!!