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Daredevil Deck by Henry Evans



Daredevil Deck

Henry Evans
Available from www.card-shark.de
Price: €40.00

With so many different marked decks on the market I was intrigued to see how Henry Evans’ Daredevil Deck matched up.

The problem with some marked decks is that the marks are so small and hard to read that it is difficult to see which is which card at a glance. The Daredevil Deck offers no such problems as the marks are huge – hence the name. They are so large that at first when you see them you’ll be convinced that they will be spotted by an eagle eyed spectator.

Printed on Card Shark’s Phoenix cards the marks measure approximately 20mm in size and are so easy to see once you know they are there. The markings blend into the back design really well so that at a glance and from a certain distance they are really hard for an untrained eye to see.

Along with the deck of cards you are supplied with DVD instructions. Here you can see Henry Evans perform and explain a really nice blindfolded memorisation routine using the Daredevil Deck. This is a good solid 5 minute routine that builds as the routine progresses. The routine could obviously be performed with any other marked deck on the market but it’s so much easier with the Daredevil Deck due to the size of the marks.

You will need to be a confident performer to use these cards due to the size of the markings but I really do like/recommend them if you are looking for a new marked deck.