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Paragon 3D by Jon Allen




Paragon 3D

Jon Allen
Available from www.onlinemagicshop.co.uk or any Murphy’s retailer. Dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £45 (+p&p)

Anyone who has attended the Blackpool Magicians’ Convention will know that every year there is always one trick that stands out way above everything else that’s there. Everyone is talking about it and everyone has to buy it. This year (2015) it was Paragon by Jon Allen.

Combining the clear perspex box from Wayne Dobson’s effect 3Sixty and a move by Alexander De Cova, Jon created the almost perfect card to impossible location. I personally watched Jon perform his original Paragon at Blackpool loads of times and it was a real fooler. Paragon 3D is the same effect but now the card that’s in the box looks like a folded card rather than just part of a card. Paragon 3D is now the perfect solution to this effect.

If you have not been living on planet earth for the past 6 months and are not familiar with the effect here’s a brief description of just one of the routines possible:

A clear perspex box is handed to a spectator. A folded playing card is clearly seen inside the box right from the start. A card is selected from a shuffled deck of cards, signed and the returned to the deck. The deck is put away, or on the table. The card inside the clear box is tipped out by the magician into his hand…the card inside the box is the spectator’s signed card which they have been holding onto from the beginning. Everything can now be examined.

Sound too clean? Well it really is as clean as that.

When you receive Paragon 3D, contained inside the packaging you will find a beautifully made clear perspex box which is totally ungimmicked, an instructional DVD and the necessary bits needed to make the gimmick that does all the sneaky work for you.

The DVD is simple but well structured and runs through everything you need to know from making the gimmick to various ideas and handlings using the box and the Paragon principle.

The gimmick only takes about 5 minutes to make up and once you know the basics it is very easy to make up differing gimmicks. You will need a few extra things to make the gimmick but these are household items so you shouldn’t have the need to pop to the shops for anything. Once the gimmick is made you can start having some fun with it.

Part of the basic effect requires you to perform a Mercury Card Fold. To make this super easy I would recommend getting hold of Jon’s Perfect Score. You can pre-score a whole deck in 15 minutes and it makes the fold so much easier. Also the nice thing about using Perfect Score is that the card in the box is perfectly folded and Perfect Score makes sure the card that is opened is also perfectly folded too. Something that is almost impossible to achieve with a regular Mercury Card Fold.

Other than the Mercury Card Fold, timing is the key to the effect. Once you have got the timing down you will even start to fool yourself tipping the card from the box. It really does look that good.

Over the past couple of years there have been quite a few card to clear box effects. Paragon 3D is by far the best, in my opinion, as it looks perfect to the spectators and everything is examinable at the end.

I have heard criticism that the spectator cannot open the card. It is possible and there’s no reason why you couldn’t have them open the card but as Jon points out on the DVD, the strongest part of the routine is at the end when the card is revealed. You, the magician, want to be in control of the revelation to make sure it gets the maximum reaction.

If card magic isn’t your bag then Paragon 3D can be adapted to mentalism by simply changing the gimmick to a folded piece of card. This can then be used for any prediction type routine such as Alan Shaxon’s brilliant Confabulation. Several ideas are taught on the DVD.

Owners of the original Paragon can adapt their existing gimmick to the 3D version. There is an upgrade pack available for £5.00 plus shipping available on Jon’s website (onlinemagicshop.co.uk).

For me Paragon 3D is a no brainer. If you like card to impossible location then there is no better version than this currently on the market.