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Sharpie Bug Writer by Vernet Magic


Sharpie Bug Writer

Vernet Magic
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £40.00 (approx)

Vernet Magic are the king of secret writing devices, and the Sharpie Bug Writer (SBW) is the latest addition to their every growing range.

Like other writing devices the Sharpie Bug Writer enables the performer to secretly write a piece of information. There are literally hundreds of different mentalism/prediction routines possible and lots of sources available teaching such routines.

The SBW, as you may have gathered, writes in black ink rather than the standard lead or grease of other writers. The gimmick fits nicely onto your thumb and is very easy to use. Due to how the gimmick is made, the nib (felt) needs to be loaded with ink to stop it drying out. This is easily done using the custom made holder for the gimmick. A sponge that is loaded with ink sits in the bottom of the holder so every time the writer is placed back in the holder it will charge the nib so it’s always ready to go. Care is needed to make sure you do not over fill the holder with ink. The writer is held inside the holder by a magnet so there is no fear of it falling out in your pocket. The holder has a swing lid so it is easy to open and load the gimmick on to your thumb without fuss.

The gimmick works really well, but my main concern is the noise the nib makes when writing. Considering it is meant to be used for secret writing this may be an issue if used in a quiet setting. Over time as the nib wears this may become less of an issue, only time will tell.

Supplied with the SBW and holder is a bottle of ink to top up the sponge and a single sheet of instructions. The instructions are basic but quite adequate once you have read through them. No routines are taught in the instructions so it is up to the purchaser to come up with their own routines… however a few sources for routines is offered at the bottom of the sheet.

I do like this but it is not a cheap gimmick. Is it better that the cheaper nail/bug/boon writers already on the market? Only you can decide that. It comes down to personal preference. The Sharpie Bug Writer does exactly as it says on the tin and I recommend you check this out.