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Zero Set by Limin

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Zero Set

Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £16 (approx)

You only have to watch the above trailer to see that this is a very visual effect, but does it live up to the trailer? Let’s find out.

A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. The deck is placed back inside the box. You reach into your pocket and take out a blank clear ID sleeve attached to a lanyard. You can clearly seen that the sleeve is empty. The ID sleeve is covered for a second by your hand. When your hand is removed a folded playing card can now be seen inside the ID sleeve. The sleeve is opened at the end and the card tipped out into the spectator’s hand……you guessed it, it’s their signed card!

The above description is the advanced handling of the effect and does require a mercury card fold and a secret load. If you are a confident experience card magician then this will be fairly easy to achieve but for those out there with less experience a basic handling is also taught in the online tutorials that are available. For the basic handling a gimmicked playing card is needed – this gimmick is supplied in the package. The online tutorials are subtitled but are clear enough to understand. Basic printed instructions are also supplied but they are printed in such small type that it is quite difficult to read.

The effect itself looks good but it does have severe angle issues. This is its big weakness in my opinion. It only really works if you are head on to your spectator, or they are slightly offset to one side. Because of the angle constraints it does limit where it can be performed. It would be no good in a situation where you were surrounded by spectators.

The gimmicked ID sleeve is clever but does need practise to make the appearances look good. It is well made and a duplicate ungimmicked sleeve is also supplied should you feel the need to hand it out for examination. Care is needed to look after the sleeve so it keeps it shape. If it were to get misshapen it would stop it working as well. Three different methods of making the card appear are taught and three are fairly easy to do.

This is one of those effects that look great on camera, and if that’s the sort of magic you’re into then it’s for you. However, I cannot see this being used in a working environment because of the angle issues which is a real shame. It’s a neat visual trick that’s very inexpensive but it won’t suit everyone.