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Indigo by Omni Ved



Omni Ved (Beautiful Mind)
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £24 (approx)


4 Predictions, 1 Revelation, Unlimited possibilities. Indigo is your Ultimate-Unlimited Prediction Effect!! Well that’s what the advertising blurb says so let’s have a look at it and see if it’s right!

Indigo is a custom made gimmick which gives you the possibility of 4 different prediction outcomes. The set up is very easy and the actual method is also very easy to do. The concept itself isn’t new – anyone familiar with Decisions by Mosique will know what I am talking about, but as this is customisable it does open up lots of possibilities.

As with most new releases the instructions are offered in the form of online videos. Two basic routines are shown and taught.The first one involves playing cards. Both are good solid effects. The explanations are very thorough, in fact almost too thorough in places. The same thing was repeated several times for clarity, even the simplest parts. This is not a bad thing but I did find myself wanting to fast forward to the next bit which is something that is not easy achievable with an online video.

The main issue I have with the gimmick is its thickness. Because of how it’s been made, and the thickness of the top layer, a shadow can be seen in certain lighting conditions which could tip the method. In fact, it was interesting to see in one of the performances that a spectator actually shook the card when she was handed it for inspection. Ungimmicked cards are supplied which can be switched in at the end of the routine for any eager spectators wishing a closer look. These ungimmicked cards are also thinner than the gimmick which could be easily be noticed.

While the prediction part of the gimmick can be customised, it does have some text pre-printed on it. The words Magician Get, My Partner Get, Gentlemen Get & Lady Get cannot be changed which is a real shame. These obviously work with the routines taught but they do limit how else you could use the gimmick. A small point with also niggled me too is the lack of a letter ‘s’ on the end of the word ‘Get’. This is a obviously a translation issue but I would have preferred to have written my own words on there. Words on the back of the gimmick too are pre-printed so cannot be changed either.

Indigo is a good idea, but I don’t think it quite hits the mark as far as being your ‘Ultimate-Unlimited Prediction Effect’. The construction of the gimmick does let it down. If the same gimmick had been made by the king of gaffed cards ‘Rob Bromley’ who created the ‘Decision’ gimmick and it was completely blank so it was fully customisable it would be a really good piece of kit.