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Hustle by Juan Marcos

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Juan Marcos
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £19.99 (approx)

Hustle by Juan Marcos is the latest ‘monte’ type effect to hit the magic market.

The effect is simple. Seven Jokers and one Queen are shown and turned face down. The idea is for the spectator to locate the indifferent card. The spectators obviously think the indifferent card is the Queen but when the cards are turned over they are now all Queens, apart from one Joker. You have now successfully Hustled your spectators!

As with the majority of other similar monte routines it does use a familiar gimmicked card. All the cards are USPCC Bicycle cards so they are a good quality. You will need to add something extra to the gimmicked card to make the routine work which I was a little disappointed to see. The cost of providing the card ready to go would have been almost nothing but it now means that for some who purchase this effect they may have to pop out to their local stationers to pick up what’s needed should they not already have it at home. What a pain!

Although I do like the routine it is clear from watching the two live performances that the effect is not easy to follow. On both performances the spectators seemed unsure of what they were supposed to be looking at/for. Maybe seven cards is just too much for this kind of effect!?

The routine itself is not difficult to do and is explained well on the supplied DVD. There are a few moves needed and there is one move which may concern a few people. An alternative handling is provided should you not feel comfortable performing the sleight though.

You will need to use a table when performing this so it’s not really suitable for strolling magic. It could be performed tablehopping providing you can clear enough space.

The cards are not all examinable at the end but with a bit audience management this should not be an issue.

With solid patter that your spectators can follow this is a good quick routine. Is it better than other monte routines already available…..I’ll let you decide! 🙂