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Scarlet Monte by Malcolm Norton

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Scarlet Monte

Malcolm Norton
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £15.99

Based on a packet trick performed by Paul Daniels on one of his TV show, Scarlet Monte is Malcolm Norton’s variation.

Scarlet Monte is a story driven packet trick based around the infamous Scarlet Pimpernel character. Trapped by three guards (3 spot cards) the pimpernel (court card) continues to escape in this multi-phase trick.

You are supplied with the cards needed along with a URL and password to access the performance and instructions. Two versions are shown, one based on the Scarlet Pimpernel premise, the other more of a monte style. Both use the same handling it’s just the patter that changes accordingly.

The explanation is thorough but as it’s an online video it’s not as easy to navigate around each section as it would have been if on a DVD. The effect is easy to do with only a couple of sleights needed. At one point in the routine a Flushstration Count is used but this is incorrectly credited as being a Hamman Count in the online tuition. If you are familiar with playing cards then you will be doing this routine within a short while without any issues.

A gimmicked card is used that does all the work for you. I won’t go into detail but for some reason my set of cards had part of the gimmick added to another card which could have made following the explanation difficult to follow. Luckily though the effect still worked the same, it just means that two cards are gimmicked in the packet rather than just the one.

As with other packet tricks that work in a similar fashion it is crucial to keep the cards in good condition. If they get bent then the final vanish of the pimpernel card could be exposed. The good thing is that a replacement card is easily accessible from most good magic retailers should you need a new one.

The playing cards supplied work well with the monte premise, however personally I would have liked to have been supplied with a set of bespoke cards which featured graphics of the Scarlet Pimpernel on one and prison guards on the others.

The effect is quick an packs a lot of magic with just a few cards, and that is how I like packet tricks. Being multiphase you can leave out some of the phases should you be short of time.

This is a great little packet trick, which has shades of Garrett Thomas’ Stand Up Monte, that is well priced and that if purchased you will use.