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The Souvenir by Henri White

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The Souvenir

Henri White
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £25

All working professionals like to leave something with their spectators to keep as a souvenir, whether it be a business card, playing card, etc. Henri White’s The Souvenir offers a solution to leaving an impossible object as a reminder of your performance for them, in this case it’s a signed playing card which has impossibly linked on to the stem of a wine glass. Check out the trailer above for a demonstration of the effect.

You will need to create a gimmicked card for each performance of The Souvenir. If you are familiar with the technique involved then each gimmick should take a couple of minutes to make each one. If you are new the technique then it’s not quite as easy as it looks on the DVD. It will take you a while to master what you need and I feel this could put some people off.

The method for creating the gimmick isn’t new. In fact it is quite similar to Jamie Dawes’ brilliant The Gathering effect he released a few years back. Sadly there were no credits to this or other similar linking card effects such as Ben Williams’ One Card Link (OCL).

Henri claims that the linked card can be left for examination and the spectators will never discover the secret, however I’m not 100% convinced about that. There are several factors which could easily make this not examinable. In the handling section of the DVD Henri states that you can show both sides of the card at the end as there is nothing to see, however when he lifts the card to see the reverse you can clearly see how the gimmick was made. This would worry me. It only takes the gimmick to be slightly off, or the hole that’s torn out to be a bit off centre and it’s game over.

Henri does a good job explaining how to make the gimmick but I would have liked to have seen a couple of performances in the real world instead of just to camera. As Henri performs this at all his gigs I’m sure it would have been easy enough to get two or three performances on film.

I’ve made up several of the gimmicks and I’ve not had one so far that I would be happy leaving for inspection. Maybe I’m thinking to much into it but I’m not sure I’d risk it, certainly not in a close-up environment. A parlour setting may be more suited where your audience are a bit further back?

There is also a point in the routine where you need to do a bit of dirty work. Misdirection is needed along with an environment that isn’t totally silent otherwise the method could be tipped.

For your money you receive a DVD which runs to about 20 minutes in total. For one trick (with no sample gimmicks supplied) I think this would have been better suited to a download with a lower price tag.

Is it better than other souvenir effects such as Anniversary Waltz…I personally don’t think so! For one, the spectator would have to try and smuggle home the wine glass in order to keep it in tact where as a signed double faced card from Anniversary Waltz can simply be dropped in a pocket or bag.

The souvenir is a nice effect and it is obvious that Henri has put a lot of thought into it, I’m just not convinced I would risk using it as a giveaway when there’s a chance of the method being exposed at times.