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Rubber Morph by Joe Rindfleisch and Hanson Chien


Rubber Morph

Joe Rindfleisch and Hanson Chien
Digital download available from www.rubberbandmagic.com
Price: $5.95

Rubber Morph is a digital download (running to approx 14 minutes) teaching two great rubber band effects (Mind Morph & Colour Morph) utilising Hanson Chien’s One Handed Colour Change. This move is first taught in detail by Joe with Hanson’s permission.

The first effect is ‘Mind Morph’ – an effect where two spectators are asked to name a colour (say Red & Blue). Held between your finger tips a red rubber band is given a quick shake where it visually changes into a blue band which can now be examined.

The effect is not that difficult to do and is explained in detail. You will need to make sure you are using the correct size bands for this effect otherwise you may find it difficult to stretch them enough to make the effect look convincing. Joe offers several packs of rubber bands on his website which are ideal for any rubber band magic. Combined with his Elastaflex solution they work perfectly and look great!

Joe offers tips throughout the explanations which make the handling easier (such as how to stop the bands twisting, etc)

The routine will not take too much work to get down and once you have it mastered it is a perfect introduction the next effect taught – ‘Colour Morph’

Colour Morph begins by having two colours chosen. These coloured bands (e.g. Red & Blue) are removed from your wrist (where your bands are kept) and placed over your fingers. The red band is placed back on your wrist and the blue one stretched out between your hands at fingertips. In a flash the blue band vanishes (your hands are clean). You remove the Red band and hold it between your finger and thumb. A quick shake and it changes in the Blue band. Everything can now be examined.

This routine will take a little more work that ‘Mind Morph’ but it is still not that difficult to do. Again the explanation is very easy to follow.

I should point out that Joe is left handed so you do need to mirror his actions if you are right handed but I had no problems learning both effects.

Both these effects are quick and visual. They work well as stand alone effects or as part of a larger rubber band routine. At $5.95 they are an absolute steal and whether you are new to rubber band magic or just want to add two solid routines to your existing repertoire I recommend checking this download out!