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Implausibilities by Hudson Taylor




Hudson Taylor
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £19.99 (approx)


Implausibilities is a collection of 5 card magic effects plus 6 bonus sleights and controls. All five effects are great and worthy of study but they are not for the beginner. You will need to be able to execute a perfect Faro Shuffle to perform these effects . For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Faro Shuffle or who struggles with it then there is a section describing the mechanics.

A CANteloupe: This is Hudson’s version of the classic Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN) plot. A deck is split into 4 piles and shuffled by 4 spectators. 2 piles are made by adding the cards together back together. One spectator is asked to cut a small packet of cards from the pile they have and keep them out of sight so nobody knows how many were removed. A card is cut to, remembered and placed back into the deck. These are given one shuffle. The selected card is found at the exact position which matches the amount of cards that were removed from the first packet. (e.g. 9 cards removed = 9th position in the deck.)

This effect is based around a brilliant principle created by the great card magician Alex Elmsley. His principle does all the work for you but Hudson has managed to create a clean fooling version of ACAAN. You need to be able to cut a packet of cards exactly in half and execute a Faro Shuffle but if you can do that then this is a brilliant effect to perform. I recommend learning and perfecting a Faro Shuffle should you not be able to already perform one.

The way the routine is constructed makes all the shuffling, etc look so fair. It’s actually not a difficult routine to do if you can do a Faro Shuffle.

A CANteloupe (30% Legend Version): This is is basically the same effect as A CANteloupe but a spectator can perform the final shuffle. You will need to make sure they are able to perform a pretty decent riffle shuffle, and even then this only has a 30% chance of working. I wouldn’t recommend trying this version on a lay audience but it’s a great magician fooler when it comes off.

Finnel Finders: This is a baffling sandwich/collectors type effect where 3 selected cards are seemingly lost in the deck. An old cutting method makes this look extremely fair. After losing the 3 cards back in the deck the 2 Jokers are added. The cards are shuffled and one card is sandwiched between the Jokers. This is one of the selected cards. The deck is given one more shuffle where 2 more cards join the first card trapped between the Jokers. These, of course, are the other two selected cards.

I really like this effect. Again, if you can execute a Faro shuffle then this is not a difficult routine at all. The initial cutting sequence is what makes this routine look so fair. Most seasoned card magicians will be familiar with this sequence, but if not then you will have learned a brilliant control of 3 selected cards.

12 Degrees of Empathy: The spectator is handed a packet of face up and face down cards and you have a similar packet. The spectator mixes their cards by cutting the cards, flipping some or leaving them facing the same way, the choice is theirs. Both packets are spread to show they are different. After holding each packet for a few moments they end up matching exactly in value and orientation.

Again, another well known principle is at work here. I wasn’t too keen on this effect the first time I watched it but then realised it’s actually a very good effect. The problem was, that due to the filming focussing on the packets, I was able to see a few of the moves which in a real world performance would have been hidden by misdirection. Another Faro Shuffle is needed to make this look fair but I suppose you could start with the cards in order if you desired. After playing around with this I actually really do like it.

Get Into It: One spectator creates a playing card while another spectator deals through the deck stopping on the exact thought of card.

This cleverly combines two effects to create a brilliant routine. The fact that the thought of card is never said out loud until the end of the routine is what makes this so good. Both methods used in the effect are solid routines on their own but combined they create a magical effect.

If these 5 effects aren’t enough for then there is a bonus section for all you move monkeys out there. There are controls/shifts and changes. They are not the easiest of moves to master but if you like the look of them then they are certainly worth a study.

All in all this is a great DVD with some brilliant effects and moves on it. The marketing for this DVD seems to focus on the ACAAN effects, but there’s so much more than just that one routine on here. They are not the easiest of effects to learn, so I would not recommend this if you are new to the pasteboards, but proving you can do an perfect Faro Shuffle then you would be missing out on some solid effects if you do not check this out!