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An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous

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An Unexpected Triumph

Magician Anonymous
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £28.99 (approx)

Triumph has to be up there as one of the best card plots there is, and there have been so many variations with regular and gimmicked decks over the years. An Unexpected Triumph is the latest version to hit the shelves from the secret gloved ‘Magician Anonymous’

You only have to watch the trailer to see that this is a great version with a brilliant kicker ending. A card is selected from a blue backed deck, signed and lost back in the pack. The cards are shuffled face up in to face down. The cards card be cleanly shown to be properly shuffled. The deck can even be spread to show a mixture of face-up and down cards. A quick magical gesture and all the cards have now turned face up except one card. When all the cards are turned over all the backs have now changed to red with one face up card….their signed card which still has a blue back.

You are supplied with the necessary cards and you just need to add a bunch on regular cards to them to make a full deck up. There are several convincers throughout the routine that make it look so good. The cards are cleanly shown to be mixed face-up and down on a couple of occasions and the colour change at the end is killer!

Unlike the original Triumph which uses regular cards this version is heavily gimmicked. The set up is simple and the mechanics are easy too. There are a couple of small sleights necessary but this is well within the capability of an intermediate card mechanic. Although the set up is simple it will take a minute or so to reset so it’s not really ideal for tablehopping, it’s more suited to a one off parlour performance.

The instructions are in the form of an online video, and although are not very long they are easy to follow and you should have no problem understanding them due to the on screen sub-titles. I watched the video over once and was performing this straight after with no problems.

If you like the trailer and you don’t have an issue with using gimmicked cards then this is certainly worth picking up. Highly recommended!