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Custom Omni Deck Engraving by PropDog

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Custom Omni Deck Engraving

Available from www.propdog.com
Price: £5.99 (please note that this does not include the omni deck, this is just the engraving service)

Omni Deck has become one of the staple effects of the tablehopping/strolling magician, and for good reason. It is a brilliant ending to any card routine and really does wow spectators.

PropDog are now offering an Omni Deck engraving service allowing you to have whatever you want engraved on the bottom of the gimmick. This could be an image, as in the awesome one seen above that Dave Bonsall kindly produced for the previous cover of Magicseen Magazine, or a simple text message or prediction. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine finishing your set with an Omni Deck that has the name of a bride and groom and the date of their wedding engraved on it (along with your contact details). Now that really is a souvenir that they would keep forever. Or having a force card engraved on it. My mind is racing with ideas.

Obviously if you were to give it away as a souvenir you would need to build the cost of the engraving and the Omni Deck gimmick into your gig’s pricing.

If you perform Omni Deck then you need to check this service out.