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Factory Blanks by Tom Stone

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Factory Blanks

Tom Stone
Available from www.card-shark.de
Price: €35

Factory Blanks by Tom Stone premiered at The Session 2016 a couple of weeks ago…and sold out within a couple of minutes!

Factory Blanks isn’t an effect, it is a utility prop that can literally be used for hundreds of uses.

It is a blank deck that has all the faces printed on one side. The difference with this deck is that from 2 steps away or further the face values cannot be seen, they simply look like blank cards. As it says in the advertising blurb… ‘This is Dual Reality At its best’.

To give you a simple idea of how it can be used, imagine doing a regular pick a card trick where they spectator remembers the card and you then go on to reveal it. To the audience it simply looks like the spectator is selecting a blank card and then making up a card in their mind. You instantly know what card they have chosen which to the audience looks like a real miracle. The spectator and audience unbeknown to each other see two different effects. This is just one possible use for the deck.

Along with the deck, you are supplied with a 4 page A5 sized booklet which outlines several of the effects possible with Factory Blanks. Once the deck has been used by professionals for a while a PDF will become available with other routines.

The cards themselves are superbly printed as you would expect from Card Shark and come in their own blank matching card case.

This really is something that is a real reputation maker, and something you can have some real fun with.