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Lemon For Life by PropDog


Lemon For Life

Available from www.propdog.com
Price: £34.99


After 2 years in development, PropDog have finally released their ‘Lemon For Life’ gimmick to the magic community and it was  certainly worth the wait.

Their ad copy claims Lemon For Life to be ‘The most realistic final load ever created’, and I think they are right!

Any close-up worker who regularly performs either a Chop Cup or Cups and Balls routine using fruit will have been in the situation where their finally loads have gone rotten in their close-up case or bag. Well not any more. This one time purchase will prevent you having to root through all the lemons in your local supermarket searching for the perfect size and shape every couple of weeks.

Handmade and measuring at 8cm x 5.5cm, the gimmicked lemon fits perfectly into any Chop Cup. I have probably a dozen or so different style Chop Cups here and it fits into every one of them. What’s also nice is that there is no sound when the lemon is loaded into the cup.

The first thing you notice when you open the packaging it comes in is the smell. It actually smells like lemons.
On tipping it out you are hard pressed to tell you are not actually holding a real lemon. It feels and looks perfect. The only giveaway is the very faint join from where it has been cast in its mould. You really do have to inspect closely to see this though and no spectator would ever spot it.

As I write this, PropDog are working on a lime version of the gimmick to add to the range and I’m sure over time other fruits/vegetables could be added if the demand is there.

At £34.99 they are not cheap, but considering the fact they are all individually handmade and how much you spend on real lemons, this one-time purchase is a no brainer.

Lemon For Life is another great product release from PropDog. Highly recommended!