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Pythia by Simon Scott & Phill Smith

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Simon Scott & Phill Smith
Available from www.phillsmiff.com
Price: £40

The classic diary effect has been around for years and there have been many different variations. Not content with previous versions on the market Simon Scott and Phill Smith set about creating their own version which addressed everything they didn’t like about the effect. Pythia was born!

When you purchase Pythia you receive two pocket sized books. The thinner of the two is the 76 page instruction booklet and the other is the diary book.

From the outset Scott and Phill wanted to distance the actual book from the magic world so began selling the book alone on Amazon as a regular fortune telling book. It actual sold well as a regular book.

Each page of the book is dedicated to a day of the year. Each day has a host of different information (playing cards, phrases, famous people born, etc) which is said to be relevant to that particular day of the year. The diary book is really well designed and to a layperson really is just an interesting book about dates.

It is also a really good size and easily fits into a jacket pocket should you want to use this in walkaround or tablehopping settings.

The information on each page has been carefully engineered so you can instantly recall both the actual date the spectators are looking at as well as the playing card just by the spectator reading out a bit of text.

The instruction booklet is very clear and explains the system very well. It is not an easy system to learn and it will take time to master. An audio file is also included which helps to practise working out the date and the playing cards. I found this to be really useful when initially learning the system.

Learning the playing card is actually not that difficult and I found I could easily work out the correct card after a couple of days. Working out the date is however more difficult but again with adequate practice you will have no problem with this too.

Other information on the pages can also be worked out (animal, colour, etc) but I would recommend starting with the playing card and only progressing to the next reveal once you are proficient enough with the one you are learning. After all this is a ‘booktest’ effect that you can use as much or as little from as suits your needs.

As diary effects goes this is one of the best I have seen. It’s not only more logical than others on the market but it has also so much built in to it.

If you are looking for an effect to drop straight into your act the Pythia certainly isn’t for you, but if you are willing to put in the time to learn the system properly then you will have a brilliant effect in your possession.