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AUCAAUN by Scott Creasey

AUCAAUN by scott creasey




Scott Creasey
Available from www.scottcreasey.com
Price: £12

AUCAAUN (which stands for Any Unknown Card At Any Unknown Number) is Scott Creasey’s take on the classic Any Card At Any Number premise (ACAAN).

Scott’s version isn’t technically an ACAAN but more of hybrid, a brainwave/number prediction type effect.

On the 30 minute long download Scott shows and explains 3 different versions of his AUCAAUN effect:

Version one: This version, based around the premise of cartomancy, starts by shuffling the deck (blue backed) and asking the spectator to name 3 numbers between 1 and 10. A brief description/reading is given for each number that is named. These 3 numbers are added together to make a new number (for example the number 23). The cards are dealt face-up to the 23rd card (e.g. Jack of Clubs) which is placed to one side. You explain that you already knew they would choose the Jack of Clubs and that you knew it would be in the 23rd position of the deck after the shuffle and that their 3 combined numbers would also total the number 23. The remainder of the pack is shown front and back showing that if they had chosen a different set of 3 numbers a different card would have been selected. When you turn over the card which was at the 23rd position it has a red back with the number 23 written on it.

This first version is Scott’s preferred method, and once you have run through the one time make-up of the deck needed the effect itself is actually self working. The method is very simple but very deceptive to a lay audience. You should have everything you need to make up this version without the need to go out and buy anything additional.

Version two: A prediction is made and placed on the table at the start. Again, as with version one, the theme for the effect is cartomancy and 3 numbers are asked for and a brief explanation of the meaning of the numbers is given. The 3 numbers are added together to create a new number (e.g. number 20). The cards are dealt face down until the 20th card is reached and it is placed to one side. All the remaining cards’ faces are shown. You turn over your original prediction showing it to be the 4 of Diamonds. When the tabled card if turned over it is the 4 of Diamonds with the number 20 written on its face.

The method for this is essentially the same as the first version other than a prediction is used and the card reveal is the face of the cards rather than the colour changing back. This version will take the same amount of time to make up as the first one but you will need to buy some extra cards (unless you have them already).

Personally I prefer this version to the first as I think the prediction adds to the effect. This version to me shows more clearly that you knew both the exact card that would be chosen and the number generated. The first version using the different coloured back design just doesn’t seem as strong in my opinion.

Version three: This is billed as a bonus handling but I actually think it’s the best of the three. This is the same effect as version one but the set up is much simpler. The premise for the effect suits me better too as it uses invisible dice rather than the use of cartomancy. Although Scott’s explanation for this bonus handling uses the same method as version one the same principle is easily adapted to create the same effect as version two (but with the much easier set up). This is how I have made it up and I think it’s a brilliant effect that I will use.

For your £12 you receive a 30 minute video download which shows and explains the 3 different versions. For the performance of the first two versions Scott is in the company of the brilliant Iain Moran, the third version is performed to camera by Scott alone. This is a no frills download but what you get is three great card effects that you can pick a chose from to suit your own performing style.

The three effects aren’t really ACAAN effects in my mind but they are brilliant card routines that I recommend that you check out.