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101 by Andy Clockwise



Andy Clockwise
Available from www.andyclockwise.weebly.com
Price: £28.00

Often in magic it’s the simplest methods that provide the best effects and 101 by Andy Clockwise is no exception.

You are supplied with a deck of cards which have 52 possible outcomes printed on them from a single dart thrown at a matchplay dart board. These are shown to the audience. A prediction is removed from the deck and set on the table from the start. Six cards are now selected by a helper. The aim of the game is for their six cards to add up to more than a score of 101 (as in the popular 80s classic TV show Bullseye). If they do manage to score more than 101 then they stand a chance of winning 1 million pounds!!!!

Each card is turned over and added together. Their score totals 107…..they win!!! When you turn over your prediction card that is on the table it says “I predict a score of 107”. A perfect match! Next your attention turns to the prize for scoring more than 101. From the card box you tip out a lottery ticket. You tell the audience that when you choose lottery numbers you throw six darts at a dart board so they are randomly selected. When the spectator reads out the numbers printed on the lottery ticket they are a perfect match for the six numbers they chose. You give the lottery ticket to the spectator to keep!

This is a brilliant routine that is basically self working. It’s so easy to do that all your attention can be focussed on the presentation. In with the printed cards are two more instruction cards which explain the setup and how the effect works and two different prediction cards. Any number above 101 (which can be made by 6 of the cards) can be used for the prediction but you would need to write down your own card should you wish to use a different number than supplied. There’s also a link to a YouTube video tutorial where Andy runs through everything you need to know. At the end of the video tutorial there is a full live performance of 101. In this clip you can see how the audience is involved in the trick as Andy has a bunch of spectators chose a card at random and the person with the highest numbered card is the person who helps and has the chance of winning the lottery ticket.

The cards supplied are nicely printed and handle well and should last if you are careful with them.

The routine lends itself to more of a parlour setting but I can see this working in close-up too providing you have the space to set the six cards down on the table. You could get the spectators sat around the table to select a card at the beginning to see who is going to be the helper. Obviously if you are giving away a lottery ticket at each table then it the cost could start to add up now the price of a single lottery ticket has risen to £2 (this could be added into your performance fee though if necessary so not a huge issue).

There is virtually no reset should you wish to use this around the tables but I would recommend using at least a couple of different number predictions should someone see you perform 101 more than once in the night. If you do decide to use a different outcome each time then it will only take a minute or so to reset.

If you are looking for a cracking multiphase mentalism routine that’s easy to do and get great reactions then look no further….101 by Andy Clockwise could be the perfect trick!