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The Butterfly Effect by Peter Nardi

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The Butterfly Effect

Peter Nardi
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £16.99 (approx)

By simply watching the video trailer for Peter Nardi’s latest release ‘The Butterfly Effect’ you can see what a powerful trick it is. And if that is not enough for you it’s actually self working too!!

What I really like about this effect is that it uses a regular deck of cards (not supplied) and the cards are handled solely by your spectator. Now before you get over-excited there is a small set-up to the trick. This will take you all of a minute to do and then you are good to go. At the end of the trick the reset will take you all of 30 seconds or so.

The effect is so strong due to the fact that the spectator makes all the decisions throughout the dealing process. They can freely choose whether to stick with a card or change it to another value. The method is very clever and will work 100% of the time. With it being self working too you can dedicate all your efforts into the performance.

On the DVD supplied there is a full performance featuring Peter and Dave Losely. The main effect (as in the trailer) is then explained in full. Once you understand the set up and how the trick works everything else is very self explanatory. Other variations using the butterfly effect principle are also discussed by Peter. One which uses a poker hand I really liked. There is also an alternative setup of the cards offered on a supplied business card should you want to mix things up a little. A clever crib (also supplied) can be stuck to your card case if you need the setup to hand.

Along with the DVD you are supplied with a couple of gimmicked playing cards. To be honest though these aren’t really needed unless you want to perform the trick exactly as you see in the trailer performance. I would prefer to write down a prediction card on the back of my business card… plus it’s another way to get your details into a spectator’s hands.

If you like the look of the trailer then I recommend you buy this. It’s simple to do, brilliant thinking and something you will use!