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Las Vegas Aces by Cody Fisher

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Las Vegas Aces

Cody Fisher
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £21.00 (approx)

Larry Jennings’ Open Travellers is still amongst one of the most popular plots in card magic and there have been many variations over the years. Las Vegas Aces by Cody Fisher is the latest version to hit the market. If you are not familiar with the plot, four Aces are shown… one by one they invisibly transfer from your hands to the table.

One of the downsides to Larry Jennings’ original method for the effect is that you cannot show the Aces in your hand just before the transfer. With Las Vegas Aces Cody Fisher has addressed this and come up with the perfect solution. Before you get too excited a gimmicked card is needed to achieve this. It is, however, only one card and you get so much magic from it. You also finish with four regular Aces on the table so the use of a gimmick is not a problem. Once the trick is finished all you have to do is put the four Aces back into the deck and you are set to go again.

Two specially printed cards (one red back, one blue) are supplied with your purchase along with a link to online HD video instructions. The supplied cards also comes in a plastic case which is perfect for protecting the cards when not used.

The instructions last approximately 17 minutes. Within that time you see a full performance and detailed instructions. The effect itself is not difficult to do but there is a set sequence which you need to follow in order for the trick to work. If you are used to handling cards then you will have no problems performing this. The gimmicked card does almost all of the hard work for you so once you have the sequences down you can concentrate on the performance. Full scripting is there for anyone who needs it. I would recommend coming up with your own though just to make the routine your own.

If you like the Open Travellers plot but don’t have the necessary skills to perform the original version, or one of the many variations that use regular cards then Las Vegas Aces could be just what you are looking for. Recommended!