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Zodiac Prediction by Liam Montier

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Zodiac Prediction

Liam Montier
Available from your favourite Murphy’s Magic supplier, dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £16.99 (approx)

If you like self working card tricks then look no further as Liam Montier’s Zodiac Prediction is a cracker!

A spectator is shown a card listing the twelve signs of the zodiac, each with a number next to them. They are asked to find their own star sign from the list, look at its number and count off that amount of cards. This is done secretly. You then take the remaining cards and deal off twelve cards which are then dealt into a clock format, one card for each number. Instantly your can tell them their star sign. Once they confirm this you count around the cards (clockwise) to the number of their star sign. The card at this number is their lucky card. You tell them you already knew that this would be their lucky playing card…the star signs list is turned over to show it’s actually an envelope. Inside it one card, it’s the exact same card as their chosen lucky card. The spectator thinks the trick is over but to further prove you knew their lucky card, all the other cards in the clock are turned over and shown to be blank.

The trick itself is based on an very old trick but what Liam has done is take what was initially quite a dull trick and made it into a multi-phase routine with a purpose. As mentioned, the trick itself is self working so once you know the simple setup you are good to go.

You are supplied with a stack of blank faced cards (you will need to supplied to other half), a small booklet and a URL to access the video tutorial. The online instructions run to approximately 12 minutes of so. This is more than enough time in which you first see the full performance of the trick, and then Liam explaining in detail how it all works. There are no sleights needed (other than a few false shuffles) so even if you are new to card magic you will be able to do this.

You will need to chose the right time to perform this as it does needs a decent amount of table space due to dealing the cards in a circle (clock), so it’s not ideal for strolling. That being said, if you do have space to perform this then it then it’s definitely worth considering adding this to your repertoire. Highly recommend.