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Cube Cards by Kev G

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Cube Cards

Kev G
Available from www.saturnmagic.co.uk
Price: £29.99 approx

Rubik’s Cube magic has become increasingly popular over the past twelve months. Produced by Saturn Magic, Cube Cards by Kev G is the latest effect utilising the 80s iconic puzzle to hit the magic market.

You are supplied with a set of specially printed World Championship Rubik’s Cube Challenge Cards which each show a different possible scramble of a regular cube. A spectator is asked to choose any card they wish. Looking at the chosen card for merely 10 seconds you are able to mix up a Rubik’s Cube, from a solved position, into the exact scramble shown on the chosen card. Next the chosen card is given a quick wave where it changes into a picture of a solved cube. To finish you give the actual cube a shake and this also magically solves itself. Everthing can be examined.

This is the basic handling of the effect. There is an alternative (full) handling too should you wish to take the basic effect a step further.

As well as the set of cards, you receive a selection of gimmicked cards that can be used for the bonus routines. You also have access to online instructions. These run to approximately 1hr 24 mins and explain everything you need to know in order to perform this effect.

You will need to supply your own cube as only the cards are included. Kev runs through all the different cubes that are available in the video and which ones will work best.

Although you do not need to know how to solve the cube (apps are available to show you) it is a massive help if you can. In following the instructions I went wrong a couple of times and had to reset the cube to its solved state.

Both main routines taught are fairly easy to do and you should be able to get the knack of them pretty quickly. I felt that the two bonus effects using the extra cards were good but they didn’t really blow me away. If you don’t want to use an actual cube in performance then they are worth considering. There is a Facebook group set up where other ideas are being shared.

If you are looking for something that will get you great reactions then Cube Cards is worth your consideration.