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DMC Elites (by Phill Smith)

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DMC Elites

Phill Smith
Available from www.sovereignplayingcards.com
Price: £13.50 per unit (1-11 decks), £10 per unit (12 decks or more)

When the original DMC Marked deck was released back in May 2015, the marking system was something that had never been seen or done before and quite frankly it was brilliant. The markings are completely invisible, unless you know how to read them. Once you know how to read them you cannot unsee them they are so clear.

The major downside to this deck was the finish of the cards. They just did not handle like cards magicians are used to using. Also because the markings are large it made it impossible to read them when the cards were spread on the table. Both these factors have now been addressed and corrected in the brand new DMC Elites deck.

The DMC Elites are smooth and handle beautifully and the marking system has been adapted so it can be read either as the original deck or with the cards in a spread. They still cannot be read if the spread is tight but this is a huge improvement.

For me this is  currently the best marked deck on the market.