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FORCE PAD by Warped Magic

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Force Pad

Warped Magic
Available from www.warpedmagic.co.uk
Price: £14.99 (for x2 pads)

If you have seen either the performance of Oz Pearlman on America’s Got Talent, or Richard Jones on Britain’s Got Talent then you will have seen a force pad in action.

A force pad can be set up so that when you flick through the pages each page is seen to contain a different name/object, etc, but once handed to a spectator there is only one possible thing they can choose.

If used correctly, this is a very powerful piece of kit for the magician/mentalist to have in his arsenal.

At approximately 3 inches x 4.5 inches, Warped Magic have produced a version of the force pad that fits perfectly into a jacket pocket making it ideal for walkaround.

The cover consists of a simple black sheet of card. You could always print something out to stick on the front should you wish to make it more interesting.

For your money you receive two identical blank pads that you can customise to suit your own needs. Each pad contains 50 pages of paper. The paper is only quite thin so you will either need to write with a ballpoint pen to avoid the ink bleeding through or use a piece of card behind each sheet if using a Sharpie.

The setup is a one time thing so make sure you take your time. If you make a mistake you could, I suppose, remove the incorrect pages  but this could weaken the glued binding, so be warned.

Both Oz and Richard used their pads to force a celebrity which was used for 20th Century Phantom trick in their TV performances. This is only one of the many possibilities. Anything you need to force on a spectator can be done using one of these pads.

A basic routine is offered on the back of the packaging cover sheet should you need an idea to get you started.

These pads have been professionally produced so look great and for the price you cannot really go wrong with them. Highly recommended!