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Meditations by James Went

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James Went
Available from www.bigblindmedia.com
Price: £29 approx

After watching literally hundreds of card magic DVDs over the years it is very rare that I put the effort into learning new routines. Last week, however, I was sent a copy of James Went’s new DVD ‘Meditations’ and I have to say that it has re-lit my fire for learning new card magic. The 2 DVD set is packed with excellent routines and sleights that you will want to learn and do.

While watching many of the other DVDs I have seen over recent years I found myself simply skipping from one performance to another missing out the explanations. With Meditations I wanted to learn each of the effects straight after watching them. To me that shows how strong each of the 10 routines taught are.

Amongst the effects are sandwich, poker, triumph, and collectors type effects. If that’s not enough there are also 12 techniques taught from productions, controls to peeks.

From watching the performances it is clear to see that these are all effects that James uses and not ones manufactured just to make a DVD. He has a very watchable performance style which is fun and a bit cheeky. He reminded me a little of Derren Brown in his mannerisms.

As previously mentioned, all of the effects are worthy of the time to learn them, but a few of my favourites are: Inevitable, Poker Fun and For Krenzel.

The DVDs are excellently produced (as you’d expect from BBM) and run to around 3 hours. The explanations for each effect/technique are clear and thorough.

Meditations is my favourite card magic DVD of 2016. I have lots of new material to get my teeth stuck into and I’m looking forward to it and to James’ next DVD project. Highly recommended.