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Murray Mint by Michael Murray

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Murray Mint

Michael Murray
Available from www.mindfx.co.uk
Price: £29.99

Michael Murray has to be one of the cleverest thinkers in magic at present.  His latest effect, ‘Murray Mint’ is no exception… it’s brilliant!

Inspired to create a better method for the SansMinds effect ‘Egyptian Ink’ Michael set about creating a gimmick that does exactly that.

The basic idea is that a signature, signed using a permanent marker, jumps from a £2 coin onto a 10p coin. At the end of each of the routines taught on the DVD the coins can be examined and even given away should you wish to.

The gimmick does almost all of the hard work for you. Basic sleight of hand is needed but all is taught on the DVD. If you are familiar with basic coin handling then you will be able to pick this up almost straight away.

A great ‘Anniversary Waltz’ effect using two coins is my favourite routine from the ones taught. Both coins can be borrowed and left as a souvenir so it won’t actually cost anything to leave the coins with the spectators. Once you see how the gimmick works though it is easy to use it for other types of routines.

At present the gimmick is only available in UK coins but I believe Michael is experimenting with other currencies.

The first batch of Murray Mint sold out straight away. More have been produced but I recommend you get hold of this now while you can still get one!