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Dice Mysteries by Steve Drury

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Steve Drury
Price: £99 +VAT

I love dice. I have a large collection that I have built up over the years of all sizes so I couldn’t wait to get stuck into Dice Mysteries by Steve Drury when it arrived. I wouldn’t like to even hazard a guess at the amount of time Steve spent researching everything that made it into the book.

Weighing in at almost 600 pages, Dice Mysteries is a mighty tome dedicated to the world of dice.

The book is broken down into the following sections: 

1. History of dice covering topics such as Entymology, Shaman to Layman, Statistics and Probability, other random number generators.

2. Uses for dice specific divination with contributions from Richard Webster, Les Cross and Stephen Ball.

3. Titled ‘The Longer you Play, the More you Lose’ section 3 focuses on gambling and the many gaffs utilised in this field. It also includes a reproduction of The Secret Blue Book (gambling catalogue), 1932.

4. Other types of dice and mental dice boxes.

5. 20 routines using dice from some of the best minds in magic (Richard Osterlind, Docc Hilford, Kenton Knepper, David Berglas to name just a few. 

The book is extremely thorough and covers each topic in great detail. If you have any interest dice, like I do, then there’s sure to be something of interest to you within its pages.

The typesetting of the book is good and offers generous line spacing making it easy to read. Personally I would have had less space to reduce the amount of pages but that’s just me.

The pages are littered with illustrations and photographs supporting the text. There’s nothing worse than reading a book that’s just text. Dice Mysteries has a good mix of text and photographs.

If you are buying it just for the dice effects then be prepared for the fact that some of them require a prop or a special device to perform. There are several effects that I’m going to put the effort into learning for sure.

If you have any interest in dice then I recommend you pick up a copy of this book. It’s not cheap but it is worth every penny. 

Highly recommended.