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Celebrity Pressage by Brett Barry


Mike Maione & Brett Barry
Available from www.svenpads.com
Price: £89.99    

This is a brand new booktest released by Svenpad®. Based upon Mike Maione’s original Celebrity Pressage booktest Brett Barry has taken Mike’s original and supercharged it making it what I think is one of the best booktests currently on the market.

Measuring approximately 4.5 inches by 7 inches the book is filled with celebrity fails. Meaning it lists stupid things done or dumb quotes said by famous people. The book consists of 130 pages with two pages dedicated to each celebrity.

Built into the book, as you would expect from Svenpad®, is the svengali principle. This is one of the additions to Mike’s original version. What this gives you is the option to easily force one particular celebrity. In fact a spectator can be holding the book when they select a page. Tom Cruise is the celebrity who is forced which is good as he is known by most people.

If you don’t want to use the svengali principle then you can use a system by Spidey. This allows any page number to be called out. You can run through the book until you get to the page before their number. This will show a random celebrity depending on what number was chosen. You can then very cleanly turn over one more page which will once again force Tom Cruise. This really is a brilliant concept and looks so fair. 

Fans of Marc Kerstein’s WikiTest app will be pleased to know that the same force words have been built into the force pages. This means not only can you reveal the name of a celebrity, etc but you can ask a spectator to think of a long word on one of the pages selected and you can reveal this word too. 

Once you know the basics of how the book works, exactly how you reveal the celebrity, or quotes forced, etc is really down to you.

Online videos run you through everything about the history of the book and how to use it along with several routine ideas.

You also receive a special book mark which has Steve Valentine’s ‘Booked’ principle built in. This is a very deceptive way of forcing another celebrity. There are various celebrities to choose from too so you could pick one to suit your needs.

The book is very well made and it  is clear that this has taken a long time to perfect. It’s not cheap at almost £90 but this is certainly a good investment if you are looking to add something special to your set.

I highly recommend this and know I will have some fun with it.