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Connect The Dots by Jamie Daws

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Jamie Daws
Available from: www.jamiedaws.co.uk
Price: £40

Connect the Dots is a collection of 10 brilliant routines from the mind of Jamie Daws.

I love Jamie’s thinking. There really are some great routines in this 100 page soft-backed book. I’m not sure I would perform every effect but I’m going to give the majority of them my full attention.

The effects range from a Sharpie suspension, DIY peek envelope, PK touch, PK Whisper and PIN revelation to name just a few. 

QR codes are printed at the start of each effect should you wish to watch Jamie perform.

The book is nicely designed although I did find it a little hard to read at times as most of the text is written in capital letters. Hidden clues within the book allow you access to two extra routines if you ‘Connect The Dots’ should you be clever enough to figure them out.

This may not be the largest of books but it’s definitely full of gold and worth every penny of its cover price. You won’t be disappointed! PS