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Counter Intelligence by Steve Wood

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Steve Wood
Available from www.stevewoodmagician.com/products
Price: £29.99

From the creator of Lost for Words, Counter Intelligence is the latest release from the brilliant mind of Steve Wood.

Based upon the story of a spy mission, a spectator is given a series of 50/50 choices. After deciding on 6 or 7 choices (which happen to all be correct) they are also shown to have predicted a secret code word which has been on the table from the very start. This can be a different word EVERY time!

You are supplied with a set of cards along with a couple of marker pens to use while performing.

There is a small amount of preparation but this is a one time procedure so once done you shouldn’t really have to do it again. The instructions come in the form of a 36 page printed booklet which is clear and concise. Everything you need to know is there and easy to follow along with scripting should you wish to follow it word for word. Additional video tutorials are also available from Steve if you supply him with the number and code word from the contents page of the booklet.

The method for this effect is so clever and must have taken an age to get right. The method for the 50/50 choice(s) section of the routine reminded me a little of an effect we published back in issue 3 of Magicseen by Max Maven called Frozen Rodent. Without giving away the method if you are familiar with Max’s routine then you will know what I mean.

The effect itself is not hard to do and it is completely baffling, especially the final reveal of the secret code word which as previously mentioned can be a completely different word each time you perform this.

Due to the method it is worth noting that Counter Intelligence will only work in English so bear this in mind if you perform in any other language.

Counter Intelligence is another solid release from Steve Wood and I for one am looking forward to what he comes up with next.