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Fake Genius By Steve Cook

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Steve Cook
Available from Steve directly.
Email: steve.cook243@ntlworld.com
Price: £95.00

Limited to just 500 hardbacked copies, Fake Genius is a collection of works by Steve Cook bound within a beautifully produced 176 page book.

Whether or not you are familiar with any of Steve’s marketed effects (Volition, Symbol, Stealth Case, Die-Abolical, to name but a few) you are in for a real treat here. It’s rare to say when reviewing a product but I don’t think there’s one weak effect within Fake Genius. Don’t just take my word for it though – testaments from some of the best magicians around today also confirm this.

There are way too many excellent effects to list them all but here are a selection of my favourites:

Die-Abolical! V5 – A randomly coloured dice is chosen, yet the performer’s prediction matches, every time! Evolved over 30 years the original version of this effect was used by Wayne Dobson on TV. It’s simple to follow but extremely baffling to the spectator.

Holiday – An imaginary destination, hotel and room number are all found to be printed on a hotel key card. I love the premise of travel within a magic effect and this does not disappoint. 

Influence – Inspired by Deddy Corbuzier’s Free Will this uses just 3 cards all of which end up in the correct locations (envelope, ID case or pocket). A brilliant effect which suggests the power of subconscious influence.

Movie Mental – The performer is able to tell which movie four spectators are merely thinking of. A simple mathematical principle is at work here based upon a card effect by Frank Garcia called Poker Mental.Movies are another premise I like as spectators can easily relate to them.

Quite a few effects taught in Fake Genius will require you to purchase or make up specific props. Don’t let this put you off though as the small cost/amount of time needed is well worth the effort. Also, littered throughout are tips and essays which will, without doubt, make you a better performer.

I haven’t heard one negative comment about this book which is testament to Steve’s work. There’s nothing fake about Steve’s genius, he is the real deal. Buy a copy now while there are still a few left!