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Mythology Codex by Phill Smith

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Phill Smith
Available from www.mythologycodex.com
Price: £150 +p&p

I was very excited when Phill Smith contacted me and asked if I would review his brand new book – Mythology Codex. No one in their right mind would turn an offer like that down.

Let me start off by saying that this book is huge. It runs to 372 pages and is printed on thick stock which makes the spine approximately 50mm in size.

As someone who has designed and help produce lots of magic books over the years I have to say that this is beautifully produced. From the eye catching cover to the clean page layouts and font choices it’s visually pleasing to read, if a little heavy (3kg)! It’s also printed in full colour throughout which is rare in a magic book.There’s also a neat trick built into the book. If you bevel the pages an image appears…very cool!

The only downside is the book is so nicely produced that I was afraid of damaging it while reading it. I would love a PDF version of it on my iPad so I could take it everywhere with me without fear of ruining it.

Once you get stuck into the contents of the book the material within is no disappointment either.

Mythology Codex is essentially Phill Smith’s completed works (to date) and contains all his original books – Mitox, Yokai, Mokele – all of which have been updated, along with a section devoted to Card Stuff and a Miscellaneous section. Within the cards section Phill has even included his ‘Passport to Marked Cards’ and ‘Passport to Alphas’ which were both originally booklets produced to accompany the DMC Elite and DMC Alpha playing cards which Phill also designed.

There are 80 effects in total so those of you thinking £150 for a book is a lot of money it’s less that £2 per trick. Now that’s value for money! 

If you are a lover of mentalism then you will find this book hard to put down. Right off the bat the effects are engaging and brilliant. The book is well written and humourous. There are a few typos dotted around but that doesn’t affect my opinion of the material taught… it really is top quality. 

The effects could easily be used in any situation (close up, parlour, stage) so they are not just aimed at one area. I wouldn’t say this is a beginner’s book but there is plenty that could be learned with little mentalism knowledge.

There’s something for everyone with a solid interest in mentalism – Peeks, Billets, Remote Viewing, Dual Reality, etc

The effects are broken up with essays on performance and tips on how to create mentalism. There really are some good tips here not to be overlooked.

This is a book that you will read over and over. There’s far too much good material to take it all in in one reading.

The good news, at the time of writing, is that this is not a limited run book meaning if you want to buy a copy then you should have no issues getting hold of one.

This is an amazing book which anyone interested in mentalism would be crazy not to own. As mentioned earlier, this is Phill Smith’s completed work to date. I for one, can’t wait to see what he releases next!