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Numbered by Astor Magic


Astor Magic
Available from www.astormagic.com
Price: €45 (approx £42)

I must admit to being a real fan of Astor’s magic. Whenever I see him at a convention, more often than not, I end up buying one of his new releases. Numbered is Astor’s take on the magician’s favourite plot – Card At Any Number (CAAN), with a twist.

You begin by showing a prediction playing card which is underneath the card box cellophane wrapper. The prediction has a blank yellow sticker stuck to it. Opening an app on your phone you show a number counter counting for 1 to 52. A spectator is asked to stop the counter anywhere they like. They can change their mind as many times as they like should they wish. Say they stop on the number 15. You then write 15 on the yellow sticker on the prediction card with a white board pen.

You remove the cards from the box and count down 15 cards. You show that if they stopped the counter one number before or one number after they would have got a different card. You turn over the 15th card showing it matches your prediction. Not only that but it has a yellow sticker on it with the number 15 written on it.

As with all of Astor’s effects Numbered uses a simple method. In fact the main method involved will be very familiar to most magicians. The app and the deck do all the hard work meaning you can focus on the presentation. 

The effect could be repeated with a different number should you wish to but as with all magic it is not recommended. It would be a good effect however, to use if you’re tablehopping as anyone following you around would see it performed with a different number each time which is a huge benefit. You would have to use the same prediction card however due to the method.

When you receive Numbered there is a small amount of DIY for you to do. This will only take around 5-10 mins though and is a one time task.

At approximately £42 it’s not a cheap effect, especially when you can only use the deck for this one effect. This may put some people off who have pocket space issues when performing.

As with all of Astor’s effects, if you like the look of it from the trailers then I would recommend buying it. You will not be disappointed. PS