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Opus by Fraser Parker


Fraser Parker
Available from www.fraserparker.co.uk
Price: £160

If you are interested in propless mentalism then you are in for a treat here with Fraser Parker’s latest release – Opus.

Supplied on a USB stick for your money you receive over 4 hours of video tuition via links provided on a PDF file. 

This is Fraser’s largest project to date. There are over 50 videos to watch and includes many never seen before methods.

It is also limited to 200 copies so don’t hang around if you are contemplating purchasing Opus as you could quite easily miss out!

Not all the effects are propless but anyone who already performs propless mentalism will realise that it’s all about the scripting. As brilliant as some of these effects taught are, if you are not willing to put the time in to perfect the scripting then this project is not for you. It’s not something you will do minutes after watching, but give the time each of these effects deserves and you will have a full arsenal of mental effects you can perform anytime, anywhere.

As well as thorough explanations of each effect there are multiple performances so you can see how they work in the real world. 

There are way too many good effects to mention them all but here are a few of my favourites:

Lost Name of God – A merely thought of name is revealed. There are no progressive anagrams used and it takes less than a minute to perform.

No Pocket, Pocket Writing – This is Fraser’s method for pocket writing without the need for a pocket. In fact it’s all done in the open. Brilliant thinking.

Which Hand – originally released in his The Book of the Fallen book this is a three phase ‘Which Hand’ routine, and there’s no sign of any electronics or James Bond style gadgetry.

Also taught are also Star Sign Divinations, Fraser’s Dragon Peek, Two Person Codes and Drawing Duplications…and more.

At £160 it is not a cheap purchase, but for anyone taking the leap there is so much material that it should keep you entertained for some time to come.

I am a fan of Fraser’s work and will definitely be putting the time to work on some of the effects taught on Opus.

If you are a fan of this type of mentalism then I can highly recommend you check this out…while it’s still available.