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Thought Space by Eric Stevens


Eric Stevens
Available from www.penguinmagic.com or www.vanishingincmagic.com
Price: £38.00 ($40)

Running to 156 pages ‘Thought Space’ is a collection of fresh and novel handlings of several older effects along with some new ideas.

Routines using cards, coins/bills, salt shakers and the Hot Rod are all featured. It’s quite refreshing to see a book not devoted to just one genre of magic.

Here’s a rundown of some of the effects on offer:

Kill Bill: A pocket mentalism routine using dollar bills that’s easy to do and make. A fresh look at an old method.¬†

Charming Redux: A one coin version of Troy Hooser’s Charming Chinese Challenge. This packs small and plays big!

The Color of Memory: Utilising Eric’s Pigment Stack this allows you to memorise the colour order of an entire deck without seeing the faces.

Polychromatic Connection: This is Eric’s work on the classic Hot Rod (HR). He teaches not only his handling of the paddle move but a multi phase routine that will have you digging your HR out of the back of your magic drawer.

Shaker Through Window: Not something you can do on the fly but if you put in a bit of prep work then this offers you an amazing penetration of a salt shaker through a glass window.

Thought Space is well written, nicely layed out with clear photos throughout and is easy to read and learn from.

A highly recommended read!