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Volition Blue Chip by Joel Dickinson


Joel Dickinson
Available from www.tadaa.co.uk
Price: £35.00

If you haven’t seen Joel’s original ‘Volition’ effect where have you been? You’ve missed out on a great effect. It’s a brilliant ‘Free Will’ idea using cards. Volition Blue Chip (VBC) has taken an already amazing trick to whole new level.

You start by holding a small velvet bag which contains three poker chips. A spectator is asked to name the colour they think the chips are, and of course the colour they name is correct. You tip out the three chips and hand them to the spectator and ask them to give them a mix. Once happy they are mixed they are to put one of them into a pocket. This is a completely free choice, any chip can be chosen. They are handed back the two remaining chips and again asked to mix them up and separate them so they have one in each hand. Again a free choice. When they turn over the chips the right hand is holding a chip which has the words ‘right hand’ printed on the reverse, the left hand’s chip has ‘left hand’ printed on it and the one that’s in their pocket has the word ‘pocket’ on it. Everything can be examined.

Everything needed to perform VBC is supplied, including the small velvet bag. The chips are nicely made and will last a lifetime if looked after properly. This is the big plus over the original Volition that used cards which could easily get damaged.

The first part of the routine where the spectator names the colour of the chips is optional, but if you want a sure fire way of them naming the correct colour then you are supplied with a gimmick which will accomplish this. Personally I don’t think it’s needed. There’s even a playing card reveal built in should you wish to use it.

The workings of the trick are so clever. The way it is structured makes every choice completely free which makes it even more baffling.

It’s the perfect strolling/table magic effect as it takes up so little pocket space and resets in seconds.

VBC is a great example of Joel’s thinking. Anyone who has seen him lecture will know what I mean. If you haven’t seen him lecture then get your magic club to book him as you’re in for a real treat. VBC is one of the best close-up tricks I have seen for a while and I will definitely be using it.