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Birthday Cardiographic Lite by Martin Lewis

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Birthday Cardiographic Lite

Martin Lewis
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £65.00

One of the effects that Martin Lewis is famous for is his Cardiographic routine. This is a trick in which a paper pad is opened to reveal a picture of an open card box and as the spectators watch, the drawing of a previously selected card is seen to rise out of the box. The killer finish comes when the sheet is then immediately torn out of the pad and handed over as a souvenir, with no clue as to how the card rose in the drawing being revealed.

The original routine was obviously designed for an adult audience, but now Martin has released a version aimed at children’s entertainers. Instead of the drawing of a card box being featured on the pad, there is a colourful graphic showing a top hat. Using the same simple mechanics, you can make a cute looking rabbit rise up into view.

What’s nice about this is that you can also make the rabbit drop down out of sight again so that the children can see the rabbit, but every time you look he’s not there. This classic kid show ploy can be repeated a few times until eventually you do see the rabbit. At this point, the rabbit rises up further to reveal the words Happy Birthday printed underneath.

At this point you tear off the sheet and can sign the giveaway picture and Martin also suggests that if you use this effect as your show closer, you could also allow the other children at the party to put their names on the paper thus giving you an opportunity to pack away and leave.

The special pad, which measures 28cm x 22cm, is well made and is quick to reset. You receive 10 of the sheets built into the pad ready to be ripped out and given away in performance, plus you get a separate stash of a further 20 sheets which you can use to replenish the stocks in the pad when required. Further replacement packs of sheets are also available on their own.

The artwork used is very colourful and attractive and the idea of making the bunny appear and disappear is a fun concept. It will take a little handling practice to manipulate the gimmick smoothly, and the pad itself may need a bit of ‘loosening up’ to enable the up and down motion of the rabbit to work properly.

You receive a two page written instruction sheet which explains the handling and routine ideas, and there is also a link to an 11 minute online video demonstration in which Martin himself goes through everything you need to know in order to handle the prop and to restock the sheets etc.

I think this is one of those effects which works well on two levels. On the one hand the business with the rabbit head will appeal to even quite young children, but the puzzle of how the same picture can be ripped out and given away will fly over their heads. However, the strong magic element at the end of the routine will impress watching adults or older children, and so this makes the routine ideal for a family

Review by Mark Leveridge. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 90