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The Zombie Book by Luis Zavaleta, Professor Otto and George Iglesias

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The Zombie Book

Luis Zavaleta, Professor Otto and George Iglesias
Available from any Murphy’s retailer or dealers contact www.murphysmagic.com
Price: £50.00

The Magic Painting Book has been a staple effect for many children’s entertainers for decades. It is so simple to do, is colourful and has a clear magic plot. Now Twister Magic have released a version of the said flick book principle that is very different in its visual look and theme, because instead of drawings of cute bunnies, the book contains excellently drawn colourful pictures of zombies!

The props and routine supplied with this however, take the whole effect a lot further than the original idea. You flick through a book to show a number of colourful pictures of family members – mum, dad, kids, babies, uncles, aunts, pets etc. However, moments later when you flick through the book again, all the characters have changed into gruesome zombies.

The children notice the change but the magician doesn’t. Suddenly a zombie hand appears at various places from behind the book, but not when the magician happens to be looking. After a few minutes of by play with this the book is flicked through again and all the pictures have completely disappeared leaving empty picture frames on the pages.

Where have the zombies gone? No one seems to know until the magician happens to turn round to reveal a couple of the zombies attached to his back!

I can see this being a whole lot of fun to perform. As you can see the creators have manage to shoehorn into the routine most of the classic look-don’t-see bits of business, and the graphics are big, bold and different.

You receive the special flick book, which works perfectly – just flick through the pages in time honoured fashion to show the set of pictures you need – and the extra props for the hand behind the book and the zombies on your back are sturdy and thoughtfully constructed to make them as easy as possible to attach and operate.

The instructions come as a 7 minute online video in which you see the routine performed and the handling explained, plus the way to prepare the extra props is also covered.

I think this is excellent and am sure that children’s entertainers can get a lot of mileage out of it. It’s also interesting since the world of kid show magic is not exactly filled with zombie tricks (!), and so if you use this you will have something that comes up a bit different, yet still incorporates the bits of fun that kid show workers rely on.

Review by Mark Leveridge. Originally published in Magicseen Magazine, issue 90